Distinguished Members


The American Anthropological Association would like to congratulate the newly inducted distinguished class of members. Thank you for loyally supporting the Association!

Members since 1966

  • Kenneth L. Adkisson
  • George A. Binney
  • Ralph Bolton
  • Ivan A. Brady
  • Kenneth Brook
  • Bernadette J. Bucher
  • Jean-Paul Dumont
  • Fadwa El Guindi
  • Dorothy C. Holland
  • Nicholas S. Hopkins
  • Sue-Ellen Jacobs
  • Barbara Joans
  • Suad Joseph
  • Alice Littlefield
  • Steven R. Nachman
  • Philip Newman
  • Nancy Peterson Walter
  • Robin Ridington
  • Renato I. Rosaldo
  • Ronald R. Royce
  • Anita Spring
  • Melvin D. Williams

About the Program

The distinguished member program recognizes and celebrates members who have loyally supported the Association for 50 years or more. The program was launched in 2012 and a new class is inducted annually in the Fall/Winter.

To see the full list of distinguished members and to read the submitted bios go to: