Committee Chairs

Annual Meeting Executive Program Committee
Samuel Martinez

Audit Committee
Elizabeth Chilton

Awards Committee
Bernard Perley

Association Operations Committee
Keri Brondo

Anthropological Communications Committee
Mark Aldenderfer

Committee on the Future of Print and Electronic Publishing
Sally Merry

Committee on Public Policy
Rachel Chapman

Committee on Ethics
Steve Black

Committee for Human Rights
Trish Redeker Hepner

Committee on Minority Issues in Anthropology
Raymond Codrington

Committee on Gender Equity
in Anthropology

Rebecca Galemba

Committee on Practicing Applied and Public Interest Anthropology
Jean Schensul & Cathleen Crain

Committee on Labor Relations
Rayna Rapp

Committee on World Anthropologies
Florence Babb & Alexandre Duchene

Executive Board
Alisse Waterston

Finance Committee
Ted Hamann

Nominations Committee
Susana Narotzky

Resource Development Committee
Linda Whiteford

Section Assembly
Miguel Diaz-Barriga

Section Assembly Executive Committee
Miguel Diaz-Barriga